Windows 8 Latest Version

As of writing this post, the Latest Version of Windows 8 released is named as Windows 8 Release Preview. This latest version of Windows 8 is totally free for everybody to download and try it out. Microsoft is offering Windows 8 download in many formats. In case you just want to try out the latest version of Windows 8 on your pc, you can either download Windows 8 release preview as a .iso file which you can burn it to a DVD using any of the free software applications available from Microsoft or other 3rd party software providers. In case you are currently using Windows 7, then you can use the Microsoft’s free DVD burning tool and turn an empty DVD to Windows 8 DVD easily.

During Setup of Windows 8 you would have to enter the Windows 8 Serial or Registration Key which Microsoft is also providing for free. Technically speaking there are two formats of Windows 8 Release Preview. One is 32 bit version of Windows 8 and other is 64 bit version of Windows 8. Microsoft uses the feedback from Windows 8 to know how people are using Windows 8 and will try to deliver Windows 8 with best possible features. Author of this post downloaded Windows 8’s iso file used the product key TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF which Windows 8 setup was asking at the beginning of the Windows 8 setup, also author installed this latest version of Windows 8 on a blank Hard Disk, created two partitions out of the 1TB hard disk capacity and the setup of Windows 8 was really easy and quick to follow. Only one reboot was required to install this latest version of Windows 8 onto a blank hard disk on a I7 2600 Computer running with 16 GB of RAM.

In case you just want to know how Windows 8 will appear and what features will it provide, you might wish to skip the downloading and installing part. Many websites publish Windows 8 Screenshots and even videos as well. Yes looking at Windows 8 screenshots is different as compared to actually using Windows 8 with keyboard, mouse and other input methods, but this can save you lots of time and efforts. This latest version of Windows 8 is offered in many other languages apart from English including Chinese, French, German, Japenese, Russian , etc. Microsoft recommends a processor of 1 gigahertz or faster for Windows 8, but in case you are planning to have a new Windows 8 computer, do go ahead and get the best possible processor, motherboard and plenty of RAM so that you can actually enjoy the latest features of Windows 8 named as Windows 8 Metro Applications and of-course other Desktop Applications on Windows 8.