Disable Screensaver Macintosh

Disabling Screensaver temporarily or permanently is now really easy and quick with the new Free to try out Mouse Automation Tool. This Screensaver disabler software for Macintosh actually moves mouse cursor. Now when Macintosh sees that the Mouse Cursor is being moved, it thinks that some user is actively moving the mouse cursor and hence even after idle time has passed, the Macintsoh does not launches the ScreenSaver (as Configured). There are many advantages of using this mouse moving method on mac to disable the screensaver or other idle time based activities. Have a look at the given below screenshot and notice how the software utility presented here is really configurable and gives you total control over your Macintosh’s Idle Time.

Disable Screensaver Activation of Screen blankout on your Macintosh

Disable Screensaver Activation of Screen Blankout on your Macintosh with this Mouse Automation Sotfware

With this Macintosh Mouse Automation Tool, you can select for how long you want your Macintosh to remain Active and prevent any idle time activities like automatic launching of screensaver, blanking out your Mac Screen, or even any other automated activities configured on your Mac. All you need to do is from the System Tray, Select the New Activation Time and that’s it. Whenever you select a time duration from the System Tray Icon and Menu of the Software, the internal clock of the software starts running and times out after the selected duration has passed. ┬áIn case you specify that your Mac must be kept active for infinite time, the timer jiggling the mouse cursor will not time out and will keep on jiggling the mouse which in turn will disable screensaver. There are no System Settings changed from this Mac Mouse Automation Software .

Macintosh requires you to actually click mouse or press a key on keyboard in order to wake up a Mac Screen from temporary sleep, and a Windows Computer’s Screen wakes up with simple mouse movement as well apart from mouse click and typing on keyboard. In case you are also using a Windows Computer, you can Disable ScreenSaver on your Windows Computer as well. This Mac Automation Tool works on Macintosh Version 10.5 onwards and you can download it right now. On Mac Mountain Lion, you would need to prevent Gatekeeper from stopping this software installation. Download the software on your Mountain Lion and launch it using right click menu on the downloaded application and then allow the setup to run. Once the setup of this Macintsoh Application completes, it automatically opens up a tutorial and you can launch the software from Applications Folder of the Finder.