Windows 8 Desktop

Desktop of Windows 8 is just like other Desktops of Microsoft Operating Systems with new style Start Menu of Windows 8. When Windows 8 starts it displays a Lock Screen which can be removed by either pressing a key on keyboard or by dragging the Windows 8 Lock screen out. What comes after the Windows 8 Lock screen depends on how many users have been configured on the Windows 8 computer. In case only a single user has been configured on the Windows 8 computer and that user has not been assigned any password, the Start Menu of Windows 8 will be displayed. However if there are multiple users configured on the Windows 8 computer or the user has been assigned a password or the user configured is configured to be authenticated using Microsoft LIVE account, a screen will appear after removing the Windows 8 Lock screen to authenticate yourself.

Yes Windows 8 Desktop is not a quick thing to reach to. You need to remove the Windows 8 Lock Screen, Authenticate yourself, reach to the Windows 8 Start Menu and then either reach the Windows 8 Desktop by clicking on the Desktop Icon in the Windows 8 Start Menu or you can press the Windows button on the Keyboard. Once you reach the Windows 8 Desktop, you will find it little bit different than other operating systems as there is no icon of Windows 8 Start Menu on the bottom left corner of the primary monitor.

In order to reach to the Windows 8 Start Menu from Windows 8 Desktop, you need to press the Windows Key on Keyboard. There are Windows 8 Start menu Alternatives or you can adapt to the new Windows 8 Start Menu. Whether you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, you will find the Taskbar to be really useful. As with Windows 7 Taskbar, you can pin shortcuts to the Windows 8 Taskbar and launch application programs easily. As you install new software applications on your Windows 8 Computer, your Desktop will get more desktop icons and your Windows 8 Start menu will get more icons as well.