How to try Windows 8 without Installing

Wanna try out Windows 8 without installing it on your hard drive ? Yes now you can try out new Microsoft’s Operating System without installing it on your hard disk. There are many possible ways in which you can view all the features of Windows 8 or try out Windows 8 yourself. Depending on what you want to do, how much time you have, what’s your internet’s speed and other factors you can decide on your own how to try out this brand new operating system from Microsoft. Given below are few of the ways in which you can know all about Windows 8 and even test various application on Windows 8 without looking for a DVD drive, extra partition in a hard disk, dual boot Windows 8 with your existing Operating System, etc.

The very first way to try out Windows 8 hands on is to download the .iso image file of Windows 8 from Microsoft’s website. Here you need to decide whether you wish to try out 32 bit version or 64 bit version of Windows 8. Once you have decided on the bit version, get a free trial of Windows 8. Download & Install Free VirtualBox Software from Oracle. Install Windows 8 in Virtual Box and test it to your satisfaction and once you are done, delete the files of VirtualBox to claim the hard disk space occupied by the Windows 8. This is the best way to test drive Windows 8 and you can even test your applications whether they run fine or not. Remember you might not be able to test out direct x games and in case your computer does have Virtualisation Enabled, testing out Windows 8 this way would not take very long.

Second way of trying out Windows 8 is to try out this new operating System Online. Yes you will be able to try out Windows 8 online with TechNet Virtual Labs, provided Microsoft follows their own tradition. As of this writing you can try out Windows Vista and Windows 7 Online using Microsoft’s Virtual Labs, which is basically a method of educating people about various features of the operating systems and software applications provided by Microsoft. As of this writing Windows 8 is not yet officially launched and the free trial version is basically targeted towards software developers to test their applications on Windows 8.

Another option to check out various features of Windows 8 is by looking at Windows 8 Screenshots and Videos. Yes looking at Screenshots will not allow you to actually feel this new Operating System, but it would save you time and efforts. In case you do have good internet connection, free space on your hard disk and good computer, the very first option described in this post is the best way to try out Windows 8 without actually installing on your Hard Disk. Installing Windows 8 in VirtualBox keeps all the files of Windows 8 in a single file which you can delete anytime to claim your hard disk space back.