New Windows 8 Computer

Planning to get a new desktop or laptop with Windows 8 in it or planning to build a custom machine for yourself, do consider a motherboard with USB 3.0 ports. Yes Windows8 supports USB 3.0 devices natively and data transfer speed between computer and external device with usb 3.0 is way much higher than with USB 2.0 devices. In case you are planning to install windows 8 on your existing computer, you can try it and download it for free from Microsoft website now. You can get higher data transfer speed by connecting a pci express card to your desktop computer. USB 3.0 devices are not very much popular right now but with Windows 8, usb 3.0 can totally replace usb 2.0 devices.

Whether you want to install windows 8 on to your computer using a usb device, use a usb stick as ram to speed up your windows computer or even just transfer data to and from your computer to usb devices, you must consider upgrading to a usb 3.0 compatible computer or if you are planning to have a new computer with windows 8 on it, check out whether it supports usb 3.0 or not. Fast data transfer can really speed up your work and ofcourse save you time.

A new computer with Windows 8 installed on it and with support of usb 3.0 can really speed up your work. There are good chances that you would not need to install any external driver or other software if you do buy a usb 3.0 compatible motherboard / laptop and your usb 3.0 devices will work really fast. Windows 8 brings new metro applications which is a really great development by microsoft and in order to fully enjoy the features of windows 8, do consider upgrading your system or if you are looking to get a new computer, spend some time doing research and you may find a better computer only for few extra $s. Amount of RAM, USB 3.0 support, Hard Disk Capacity, Processor Speed, Graphics Card, etc are few of the important electronic considerations while choosing a new desktop or laptop computer.