Auto Typer for Macintosh

There are two different Auto Typer applications presented here in this post which work on Mac versions 10.6 onward. Each Auto Typer allows you to automate repetitive keyboard typing. The first Software allows you to store sentence you wish to be automatically typed along with a Keyboard Shortcut. Effectively whenever you press the keyboard shortcut, the text sentence stored in the software would be typed onto active application. You can store single or multiple sentences each stored with different keyboard shortcut. The Screenshot below was captured on Mac 10.6 and displays a long sentence stored in the Auto Typer for Macintosh.

Mac Auto Typer

Auto Typer on Mac 10.6

The above screenshot of Mac Auto Typer displays shortcut in the Applications and the main screen of the software. Look closely and note that the keyboard shortcut F6 is specified in the software to automatically type the long sentence containing characters and other special characters. Once you have setup the Mac Auto Typer with sentence you wish to type automatically and associated keyboard shortcut, you can minimize the application. Now whenever you want the software to type the sentence on any text based application on your Mac, all you need to do is press the stored keyboard shortcut and the Auto Typer for Macintosh will type the stored sentence automatically. Download this Auto Typer on your Macintosh and let the software do the repetitive typing on your Game, Text Editor or any other application running on Mac which needs text to be typed in.

The Second Auto Typer presented below for Macintosh allows you to add Keyboard Typing in a Macro. The word Macro referred to here specifies a group of actions which can be started with a keyboard shortcut. The given below Mac Auto Typer allows you to add single or multiple text sentences in a macro and then whenever you need the Macro to type the stored text sentence(s), all you need to do is press the configured keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut F7 is configured in the given below screenshot to start the Macro which will do Automatic Keyboard Typing apart from other Mouse Clicking actions.

Mac Auto Typer in a Macro Script

Mac Auto Typer in a Macro Script

This Single Screen Software for Macintosh Users is basically a Macro Software which allows you to add multiple actions to the script and then play the macro with the keyboard shortcut. The above screenshot was captured on a Macintosh running version 10.6 and this software works well with other versions of Mac such as 10.7, 10.8 etc. The best part about this Mac Auto Typer Utility is that you can edit the macro script without spending time on learning complex programming skills. You do not need to have any type of programming knowledge in order to use this Macintosh Automation Software. Download this Software Application and give it a try yourself. The scripts execute from top to bottom in steps with configured delay in between the steps. The Text to be typed in is stored in the comment field and whenever you click on the script record, the associated text to be typed will be displayed by the software. Just have a close look at this intuitive Macintosh Software and you have learned all the features of this software.

The Download links provided above are basically software installers. As these software applications are distributed outside of the Apple Macintosh store, you might need to allow installation of software applications on Macintosh 10.8 from non signed publishers. One the installation is complete for either of the Mac Auto Typer, a webpage is displayed containing video tutorial of the software. Both the software applications work fine on Apple Mac 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 versions.