Mac for Windows Users

Windows Users have enjoyed the flexibility of hardware and popularity of Microsoft Windows. Mac users on the other hand do have a brilliant operating system, but they are sort of limited by the hardware provided by Apple. Custom made computer are popular for Windows with a large variety of selection of MotherBoards, Processors, RAM, etc and the new Operating System of Microsoft i.e. Windows 8 is going to enhance the usability of Windows Computers to large number of other unexplored areas. Apple on the other hand is coming up with new version of Mac named as Mountain Lion with Version Number 10.8 and just like Microsoft they have already released a developer preview of Mountain Lion to developers and Microsoft has also released the latest version of Windows 8 and labelled it as Windows 8 Release Preview.

Mac for Windows users irrespective of Windows Version can be a little bit different experience. Mac’s default browser is Safari and Google Chrome is also popular on Mac as it is popular on Microsoft Windows. The term Desktop is used on both Mac and Windows Computers , however on Mac the desktop icons are aligned to the right hand side as compared to left hand side on Windows. The post Windows to Mac provides lots of useful information to migrate from Windows to Mac and provides lots of tips and tricks for using Mac. There are lots of common things between Mac and Windows and there are lots of functionality differences in which Mac users use their Macintosh computers.

Desktop Background, ScreenSaver, Power Saving functionality, User Accounts protected with User Name and Password are few of the common things between Mac and Windows. You can even share data between Mac and Windows, but you do need to understand that the exe files of windows are of no use on Mac. Text, Images and other file formats which are common in between Mac and Windows can be used. Apple releases software applications for Windows users and Microsoft releases applications for Mac Users. Microsoft Office for Mac is one such software released by Microsoft for users using Macintosh computers and Apple also provides lots of applications like iCloud to share data of Apple products to Windows Computers. In case you are a Windows user looking forward to use Mac in future, you should be able to easily find your way on Mac computers using your Keyboard, Mouse and other input devices with your basic information about Microsoft Windows. One last thing to add here is that similar to Control Panel in Windows, there is System Preferences in Apple’s Mac.