What is Windows 8 ?

Wondering about Windows 8 and want to know what is Windows 8 ? Read on to know everything about Windows 8 and be prepared to explore the world of Windows 8 which is a brand new Operating System from Microsoft. Windows 8 is not just another operating system from Microsoft, yes it’s special and will change the way , we all look for a Microsoft Windows Operating System. The very first and important feature of Windows 8 is the new applications called as Metro Applications distributed by Windows Store (which is another new feature of Windows 8).

Metro Applications in Windows 8 are special applications and are different from a Desktop Applications. Metro Applications in Windows 8 run in full screen mode unlike traditional desktop application. The Metro Applications can be downloaded from Windows Store only and hence you can expect more secure applications. Metro Applications are created by developers in language .NET and other languages. Once Developers are done creating the metro Application, they are supposed to send the Metro Application to Microsoft for testing and approval. Once Microsoft Guys approve a Metro Application to be published on Microsoft Windows Store, they are made available using Windows Store. In case you have read all the text in this paragraph and are still reading, now you know the most important aspect of Windows 8 and an idea about what is Windows 8. You can either continue to read on or download the latest version of Windows 8 on your computer right now for free.

The Start Menu in Windows 8 is totally different and you need to press the Windows Key on your Keyboard to switch from Windows 8 Start Menu and Desktop. You can find lots of tips and tricks about Windows 8 on this blog and various software applications which work for Windows 8 without any adjustment. Most of your applications running on other versions of Windows will work fine on Windows 8 as well. It would take a huge book to fully document every feature of Windows 8 and hence it would be a great idea to experience Windows 8 on your own computer or have a look at some video tutorials about Windows 8, yes Screenshots of Windows 8 can also give you a glimpse about what all new is there in Windows 8.