Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Windows 8 has introduced a new way in which applications on a Windows 8 desktop can run and has named such applications as Metro Style Applications. For Windows 7, Vista, and other Microsoft Windows Users this new metro style applications and the Metro Screen is definitely a new thing to handle. This post outlines few useful tips and tricks for Windows 8 users. All the information provided here has been verified on currently available latest version of Windows 8 . As and when Microsoft releases the final version of Windows 8, the tips and tricks provided in this post should stand valid as all the tips and tricks are really useful features in Windows 8.

  • Right Click on the Bottom Left Corner of the Screen to view a Control Panel Menu to easily open up various control panel items. You can alternatively use the Control Panel Menu Software on Windows 8, Windows 7 and other versions of Microsoft Windows to access similar menu from a System Tray Icon.
  • Left Click on the Bottom Left Corner of the screen to switch from Metro Start Menu and your Desktop. You can alternatively press the Windows Key on your keyboard to switch between Metro and Desktop of Windows 8.
  • Left Click on Top Left Corner of the screen to cycle through all the open Metro Applications and Desktop of Windows 8. Unlike left click on the bottom left corner, a left click on the top right corner can be handy to know which metro applications are running in background and allow you to easily switch between various metro applications.
  • When Metro Start Menu is displayed, you can do a left click on the bottom right corner to change size of icons of metro applications installed on your Windows 8 computer. On the other hand, in case your desktop or any other application is visible when you left click at the bottom right corner, you will be able to cycle through active application and desktop.
  • Metro Start Menu on Windows 8 is displayed on One Monitor and in case you are using dual or multiple monitors connected to your windows 8 computer, you will be able to move the metro start menu to any of the connected monitors using a left click on the icon displayed on the bottom left corner of the taskbar. Yes Multi Monitor Taskbar of Windows 8 is one of the most important feature of Windows 8 and combined with Metro Applications on Windows 8, you can get the maximum output from your Windows 8 computer.

All the tips and tricks provided above have been tested when the taskbar of Windows 8 was at the bottom corner of the screen. In order to effectively use your Windows 8 computer with Metro Start Menu, you need to remember that Metro Start Menu is different and traditional taskbar is different. Feel free to browse this website for more information about what’s new in windows 8 or download windows 8 on your own computer for free from Microsoft and enjoy the new features.