Windows 8 Software Downloads

There are two types of software downloads available for Windows 8. This brand new operating system by Microsoft supports current applications and has even a compatibility settings for older versions of Windows including Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP , etc. On a price level there are many types of software downloads available including freeware, shareware, open source and other types of software downloads. Windows 8 introduces new application types known as Metro Applications and this post will further talk about other types of software downloads available for Windows 8.

The very first type of software downloads are traditional desktop software which are distributed by software vendors and even by microsoft. These software downloads are typically distributed using a setup or even a portable software download which does not requires administrative access and can be run simply by accepting the applicable software licence. Whether you are downloading a freeware or shareware software application, it is your responsibility to scan the application with possible antivirus and possibly get the latest version of the software application from vendor website. Windows 8 has inbuilt smart screen filter functionality which warns users in case authenticity of the software cannot be determined. You can even use online virus scanners before installing any software application from a third party vendor.

Metro Software Downloads for Windows 8 are totally different types of applications introduced in Windows 8. Metro applications are distributed using Windows 8 App Store exclusively. Microsoft requires developers of Windows 8 Metro applications to register with Microsoft, send their Metro applications for testing and other checks before actually an application appears on Windows 8 app store. Metro Software downloads for Windows 8 are different than desktop applications, however they will continue to evolve and future Windows 8 computers will see Windows 8 Metro Software Downloads for lots of purposes.

Currently Windows 8 is available Software Developers and to general public as well. Windows 8 consumer preview is the name given to the current latest version of the Windows 8 which is available for free download from Microsoft. You can download Windows 8 for Free from Microsoft’s website and try it out on a Virtual Computer or you can even install it on your hard disk. Metro Applications are available from Windows Application Store and other traditional software downloads are available from software vendor’s websites and from microsoft as well. Financially speaking Windows 8 software downloads are still freeware, shareware, trialware, etc irrespective of whether you are looking for Metro or Desktop Software downloads for Windows 8.