Mouse Bot

Mouse Bot here referred to is a software download for Windows. There are bots of programs which can be considered as bots. There are lots of Mouse Bot software downloads presented in this post. Every mouse bot presented here can do some sort of automatic mouse tasks. In case you are doing any repetitive task on your windows computer, you can automate your task including single mouse click, double mouse click, right click, etc. You do not need any kind of hardware to connect to your windows computer, all you need to do is select the best mouse bot according to the task in hand, download the appropriate bot, install it and use it. Yes using any of the Mouse Bot programs listed in this post is really easy, quick & free to download and try. Whether you want to bot your mouse cursor in Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000 or any other Windows version running under 32 bit or 64 bit architecture, you can find an appropriate mouse bot for your software, game or application.

Do you want a bot to click mouse automatically at a fixed location or wherever your mouse cursor is present ? Simplest and easy to use Mouse Bot is MurGee Auto Clicker which is easy and yet a sophisticated Mouse Bot. The Auto Clicks can be started and stopped with keyboard shortcut / hotkey, with actual mouse click or by clicking on the button of the software. This Mouse Bot can be launched multiple times, allowing you to configure multiple keyboard shortcut keys to bot the mouse clicks at multiple locations on screen. Every instance of this bot displays icon in system tray with informative tooltip.

Another Mouse Bot which can auto move your mouse cursor and hence keep your Windows Computer active is Auto Mouse Mover. This Mouse Bot does not clicks mouse and instead simulates mouse movements only. In case you are wondering what good a mouse bot would be if it does not clicks then think of this Mouse Bot’s purpose as to keep your Windows Computer active. Yes this Mouse Bot is sophisticated enough to detect whether you are using your windows computer actively or not. This Mouse Bot has lots of configurable options, out of which idle activity monitor option directs this mouse bot only to move the mouse cursor only when you are not moving mouse or typing on computer using keyboard. Yes there are other configurable options which direct the bot to¬†continuously¬†move the mouse cursor at configurable intervals or to start / stop the mouse movements on the press of the configured keyboard shortcut.

How about a Mouse Bot which can be programmed without any programming knowledge ? Yes this post presents another Mouse Automation Software which can bot the mouse movement and clicks of every type. The Mouse Bot presented here can be used to create macros which store mouse movements and clicks and other windows actions such as keyboard typing, opening of applications / websites, etc. This easy to use and yet sophisticated Mouse Bot is named as Auto Mouse Clicker. This small and free to try Mouse and Keyboard Bot can let you bot almost everything on your Windows 8, Windows 7 XP desktop and laptop computers.

There are many other Keyboard & Mouse Botting Software downloads available at for Windows Computers. All these applications have been tested well on Windows 8, Windows 7 and other Microsoft Windows versions. Give rest to your fingers and let the mouse bots do the automated tasks for you. Use any of the above listed Auto Mouse Bot program to save yourself efforts & time. These Mouse Bots can add accuracy to your tasks and yes there are mouse bots which can add random delay in between mouse clicks to simulate human clicking.