Disable Mouse Left, Right or Middle Click in Windows

Now it is easy to disable any specific mouse click in windows. The software presented here can be used to disable left, right or middle mouse click on windows. Let’s say you disable right click using the software utility presented here, it will be disabled on all the softwares, browsers or even on desktop. Yes the mouse click disabled with this software is sort of global mouse click disable. Whenever you want to enable the disabled mouse click type on your windows computer, all you need to do is either close the software utility or just uncheck the appropriate checkbox on the software graphical user interface.

Download and try out quick and easy way to disable any type of mouse clicks. The Software presented here is named as Mouse Disabler and works fine on all 32 bit and 64 bit windows operating systems. Yes you can disable mouse clicks on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and even on Windows XP. Yes this software utility does requires a small installation but all the files distributed by the software have been tested with lots of antiviruses and does not contain any type of malware.

In order to disable and enable mouse clicks, all you need to do is make your decision and use this Mouse Disabler. Anything disabled or blocked by this software will get automatically enabled when this software is closed. Another important piece of information is that you can use Mouse and Keyboard to interact with Mouse Disabler. With focus on any of the checkbox, the spacebar button on keyboard can be used to change the state of checkbox. Moving focus to other controls can be done by pressing the Tab button on Keyboard. Right Click of Mouse can be simulated using the Keyboard Shortcut Shift + F10 and mouse movements and left clicks can be done using MouseKeys (which is a Microsoft Windows Feature). You can even use control panel to swap Left and Right Mouse clicks. Yes there are lots of things you can do with Windows, but disabling Mouse Clicks is something that is not controllable using Windows Control Panel and this Mouse Disabler presents quick and easy way to disable mouse click and allows you to easily enable them back. In order to try out this software utility on your windows computer, you need to download and install the Mouse Disabler and then just enable or disable mouse clicks easily, quickly and safely on windows laptop or desktop computer.