Monitor Power

Computer Monitors do consume electricity and operating systems do try their best to save power. Windows has the functionality to send the monitor to sleep mode or low power state without cutting off the AC power to the computer or monitor. Sending Monitor to low power state is also termed as turn off monitor. Whether you do have Windows running on Desktop or Laptop and irrespective of number of monitors connected to your windows computer, you do have lots of ways to save power consumed by the monitor(s).

Monitor Power can be a really costly when you do have CRT monitor(s) connected to your windows computer. LCD or LED Monitors are said to consume less electricity as compared to CRT Monitor. Power Settings of a Windows Computer allows you to send all connected monitors to sleep mode when windows computer is left inactive or idle for configured number of minutes. All the Monitors sent to sleep mode using this power saving functionality wake up or come back to full power mode as soon as any key on keyboard is pressed, mouse movement is done or any currently running software wakes up the monitor.

In low power mode, the computer monitor does consumes electricity so that it can be turned on again by the operating system as and when required. In case you would like to cut off the AC power to the Monitor when not in use, you would have to use an electronic switch. The Electronic Switch can be used to Turn On or Off the power going to the Monitor. Now with the advent of sophisticated systems, you can get an electronic switch controlled by computer software or you can use traditional manual switches.

Software controlled switch can be used just like manual switch to turn on or off the power to the specified electronic equipment. There are many types of software controlled switches and yes good technical knowledge is required to understand them and select the best possible software switch to control the equipments. Power Usage of the Electronic Equipment, Current Type (AC or DC) , Current Max Value, Voltage consumption, Number of Electronic Equipment to control and lots of more factors play an important role in deciding the appropriate software controlled electronic switch. These Software switches to control electronic equipments like Single or Multiple Computer Monitors, Modems, Printers, etc are often used for Home or Industrial Automation.

We provide hardware and software solution to control electronic equipments using single or multiple software switches, timer based switches, lan controlled switches and much more. Whether you wish to save Monitor Power, Computer Power or Electricity consumed by an Electrical Equipment. Whether you are using Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or even Windows 8, we can provide you the best possible solution for controlling electronic equipments using software controlled switches. Please do write to to get full computer controlled software solution.