Auto Clicker for Multiple Clicks

Multi Location Auto Mouse Clicker is presented in this post. The software presented here can be used to specify single or multiple spots on the screen and optionally define separate keyboard short-cuts for them. The software is really straight forward and can be used to automate mouse clicking simultaneously at multiple locations. You can hide the application in system tray and every system tray icon displays a small information about the parameters configured in the software. Have a look at the given below screenshot where two instances of the same application have been launched and configured. Each instance of the application remembers it’s parameters like where to click, whether to click where mouse cursor is present or to click at a fixed location, what time delay should be between clicks, whether random delay between mouse clicks should be added, whether mouse cursor should be changed while clicking, etc.

Multiple Mouse Cursor Locations Clicker

Launch Multiple Instances of the Auto Clicker

Download and try out this easy to use and free to try Auto Clicker with configurable multiple click locations. All you need to do is launch the same software again from the desktop shortcut or from programs menu and specify the new location on screen where you want the software to do automatic clicking. In the above screenshot, two instances of the Auto Clicker have been launched. Launching the same application multiple times is termed here as an Instance of the application. Every instance adds an icon in System Tray and remembers it’s settings. The above screenshot also displays the mouse click location selector screen which can be used to specify where on the screen, the automatic mouse clicks must be performed.

The above software is not a mouse click scripting software and it is just a simple software that can be helpful when you want to click at specified location multiple times.  In case you are looking for a software that can store multiple mouse locations in it and then execute them on a command, then the MurGee Auto Mouse Click software utility can be a really handy software to start with. Yes there is another advanced keyboard and mouse automation software that can help you to create a script with multiple mouse locations, keypresser, text speaker, file launcher, lots more and can be found at MurGee Auto Mouse Clicker page.