Prevent Windows Computer from going to Sleep

In case your Windows Computer goes to Sleep Mode or to Hibernate Mode or even locks down itself whenever left inactive or idle after some time, now there is a way with which you can prevent your windows computer with a small software utility. The very first option to prevent your windows computer from going to sleep is open up Power Options of your Control Panel and disable the power saving feature. However struggling with Control Panel can be tough and depending on the computer policy decided by the Administrator, you may not be allowed to change windows settings. Even if you have a standalone Windows Computer running XP, Vista, Windows 7 or even Windows 8 changing power options of the desktop or laptop computer does requires many clicks as you may want your computer to go to sleep most of the times but you may not like your computer going to sleep when watching a movie or downloading a big file overnight.

A Windows Computer goes to Sleep when it senses that the computer has been left idle and then a timer starts within the Windows counting the duration and once the configured duration is reached, Windows goes to sleep without any warning or asking confirmation. What if when you leave your computer and it still thinks that someone is using the computer actively ? Yes the software application presented here is a small and yet powerful tool to control with ease, effective power settings applicable. A standalone version of the software does not even requires installation and you can just download and run it. The application does not even requires .NET and works good with every version of Windows including Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows NT, Windows Server 2008 and almost all other version of Windows.

This Free to try Auto Mouse Mover Utility has been checked with more than 3 dozen antivirus softwares and is digitally signed to make sure that this software application does only what it has been designed to do and nothing else. This application is controllable using easy to understand graphical user interface and hence gives you full control over effective power options of your Windows Computer. You can even configure the utility to start automatically whenever a user is signed onto the computer or you can simply start it with a desktop shortcut. Whenever you want the Power Options of Windows Control Panel to be effective, just exit the software using System tray icon or simple click on the close button of the software. As this software just moves mouse cursor on timed intervals, the windows computer will remain active as long as automatic mouse movements are turned on. Yes there are multiple ways to start / stop the automatic mouse movements providing an easy and quick way to control windows computer’s state. While automatic mouse movements are effective, the system tray icon turns blue and otherwise it turns red giving an indication whether the software is preventing the computer from going to sleep mode or power settings from windows control panel are controlling your idle windows computer.