Mouse with Multiple Monitors

Using Mouse with Multiple Monitors can be really easy and difficult as well. Whether you connect single or multiple physical mouse to your multiple monitor windows computer, you will effectively get a single mouse cursor to control. The Mouse Control Panel option can be really helpful when you do have multiple monitors connected to your Windows Computer and even the Screen Resolution Control Panel option plays an effective role in managing the mouse cursor movements for a multiple monitor windows computer. You can even use Monitor Switcher to switch mouse cursor between different monitors on your Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Vista or any other Windows Version.

The Screen Resolution option of Windows Control panel allows you to control the mouse cursor direction across multiple monitors. Multiple Monitors are arranged in a virtual rectangle and depending on how you place your monitors in the virtual monitor space, accordingly your mouse cursor movements have to be done. In case you want to change the direction of mouse cursor in your dual or multiple monitor windows computer, you should open up the Screen Resolution (in Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista) or Display Resolution (in Windows XP) and notice how your monitors are placed in the virtual monitor space. Click on the Identify button to get corresponding Monitor Numbers assigned to every monitor and drag the Monitor Rectangle depending on how you want to move your mouse cursor across the monitors. In case you want to have a keyboard shortcut to move the mouse cursor across multiple monitors without actually moving your mouse cursor from one to the other Monitor, you can use the Monitor Switcher functionality of the Dual Monitor Software named MurGeeMon.

The Mouse Control Panel provides lots of other optional features to help you to easily manage Mouse Cursor in a Multiple Monitor Windows Computer. The Mouse Control Panel allows to control the Mouse Cursor Movement speed, Enable or Disable Mouse Cursor trail and even control the visibility of the mouse trail to be short or long, allows you to enable the mouse cursor position identification using the Ctrl Key, enable or disable the functionality to snap the mouse cursor to the default button in a popup dialog box, change the mouse cursor appearance, switch primary and secondary buttons and much more. Managing Mouse with Multiple Monitors can be really easy and productive once you are aware of all the features provided by Windows. The Mouse Control functionalities provided by Microsoft are almost the same for Windows 8 as for Windows 7, Vista, etc. Yes for all other functionalities not provided by Microsoft, you can download an appropriate software utility.