Detect Changes in Screen of a Windows Computer

The Color Change Detector software utility for Windows can be used to detect changes in screen. The software allows you to monitor changes in screen by marking a pixel on the screen and whenever color of the marked pixel changes, you can launch an application, open a document, play an audio file or anything else. This Color Change Detector software provides finer control over color change detection. The Changes in the marked pixel color can be monitored in two ways. You can either specify that whenever the color of a marked pixel changes to any other color, an alert should be initiated or you can configure the software to initiate an alert only when the color of the pixel changes to another predefined color.

Single or Multiple pixels can be monitored using this Color Change Detector. You can even enable or disable a screen change detection without deleting it from the list of screen pixels to be monitored. There are parameters for every color change detection which allow you to control the interval at which the color changes on screen should be monitored. Color of the screen is stored in terms of RGB values which are displayed in the software. You can even define the number of times a color change is detected and you can even specify a comment along with every color change detection.

The Color Change Detector works good on Windows 8,7, Vista and other versions of Windows. Processor bit of 32 and 64 bit differences are taken care by Windows automatically and hence you can use this software on either of 32 bit Windows or on 64 bit version of Windows. The software is available on a shareware basis and there is no fee to try it and you can download the trial version of color change detector totally free. The trial version is limited only by the usage count and rest all the functionalities in the software work as good as full registered version.