Control Network Connections with Shortcut

Managing Network connections with shortcut can be really helpful when your Windows 8 or Windows 7 computer has multiple network connections. This post presents a software utility named Network Controller which allows you to view the status of network connections and simultaneously allow you to control them with ease. Controlling Network connections is a computer level basis task and the changes you make will be applicable to the whole computer and all the users configured on the Windows computer. Administrative rights are required to enable or disable the network connections.

The Network Controller software utility can be used to control single or multiple network connections with ease. The software utility allows you to create desktop shortcut to any network connections which can be used to enable a disabled network connection, disable an enabled network connection or even toggle the state of a selected network connection. Yes you can even manage the selected network connection from the gui of the software. All network connections are identified using the name assigned in the control panel or network connections option of windows 8 or windows 7. Whether you want to control a wired network connection or even a wireless network connection, this Network Control utility can be really handy and is totally free to try out.

Whether you are a System Administrator or a multi or single network user, this Network Controller utility can really save the time and efforts to navigate to control panel, find out the appropriate network connection, check the status of the target network connection and change the current status of the network connection. This utility does requires admin access to the windows computer you wish to manage and can simplify the task of managing network connections with a graphical user interface or desktop shortcuts. Every Desktop Shortcut created to manage a selected network connection is named appropriately along with description field of the shortcut for you to easily identify the desired shortcut to change the status of network connection. As with any other shortcut on desktop or in any other folder of Windows computer, you can change the icon displayed for the Network Controller shortcut, rename it and even delete it. Yes this Network Controller works fine on 32 bit & 64 bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista , etc.