Share Data between Windows & Mac

Whether you want to share files and folder between multiple windows versions or computer or between Windows & Mac, now there are free and paid multiple options. To name a few options you do have Google Drive, SkyDrive from Microsoft, DropBox, Google Docs, etc. All these data sharing software applications provide online storage space for free and chargeable as well. Microsoft’s SkyDrive and DropBox offer windows and Mac software installers which you can install on your Windows or Mac operating systems respectively and share data in between them.

Free Online Storage Space

Free Online Storage Space

SkyDrive adds an icon to Windows Explorer labelled SkyDrive which when clicked opens up a typical windows explorer style files and folder view. You can store files in this virtual drive and access it from anywhere else. Skydrive also offers web based file upload and download and yes for start it is free to use and works fine. Microsoft released a new tool along with Windows 8 development blog but this new SkyDrive App works on earlier versions of Windows as well. Windows 8 has a SkyDrive Metro Application as well which can be used to view and download files and folders from remote drive. In order to use the Windows 8’s SkyDrive Metro Application, you must sign in on Windows 8 using your hotmail account. In case you do not want to use the SkyDrive Metro application, you can sign on to your Windows 8 computer using other sign-on options and instead use Web based file download and upload methods. Using Web interface when you download multiple files or folders, the SkyDrive automatically creates a zip file with the files / folders selected to download which you can later extract it using WinZip or Windows Explorer.

Google Drive is a new online storage drive said to be offered by Google shortly. Currently Google Docs allow you to upload files / folders to max 1 GB and in order to enjoy all the features of Google Docs to upload and download files / folder, you must use Google powered Chrome or instead you can download an applet for your Internet Explorer to upload folders. As Google Docs is a web based file backup option, you can use it on Mac, Windows or any other operating system. The news about Google Drive has been in internet with the name GDrive and now all those news and rumours are going to be actually true. Google Drive will definitely offer better options than current software applications offering online storage.

SkyDrive / DropBox synchronises data between computers, or in other words it is not exactly online storage space. Yes you can store data to your SkyDrive, but in case you do have a prepaid internet connection or a low speed internet connection and you do intend to use SkyDrive  DropBox on multiple Windows computers, you must take care of what you store on these virtual drives as these software utilities will synchronize data and yes it will cost you bandwidth. Windows Live Mesh is another software that offers data from SkyDrive and works on Mac and Windows operating systems. Windows Live Mesh is available in english for Mac users. This data (files / folders) synchronisation is done automatically between Mac Computers, Windows Computers or between Windows & Mac Computers. In case you are looking to automate file / folder automation on Mac, do visit Mac Automation Software utilities page or visit Windows Automation Utilities post in this website. As with any automation, before using any of these files and folder sharing programs on either on Windows or Mac or any other Operating System, do make sure to understand how they work, what downloads / uploads these data automation software utilities can do for you and of-course read their terms and conditions of these file and folders sharing programs.