Windows 8 Trial Download Free from Microsoft

Wanna try out Windows 8 in trial mode ? Yes you can download Windows 8 directly from Microsoft website. In order to try out the latest features of Windows 8, you would need a good internet connection to download around 3 to 5 GB of data, DVD or USB Drive in case you would like to install Windows 8 on some other computer. The Free Windows 8 download offered by Microsoft comes in many flavours. As of this writing the free trial you can download is termed as Windows 8 Developer Preview. This time limited operating system is targeted for software and website developers so that they can make sure that their websites / software applications do work good on Windows 8.

In order to start the free download of Windows 8, open up your search engine and search for Download Windows 8 Developer Preview. In case all goes well, you should get the page titled Windows Dev Center. Yes as said previously this free download of Windows 8 is intended to be used by any one who would like to try out Windows 8 right now including software developers, software testers, website designers and other people. Once you get into the Windows Dev Center, select the bit version of either 32 bit or 64 bit and start the download.

The Windows 8 download will be in a .iso file which can be burnt onto a DVD or USB drive using the ISO to USB / DVD Tool or you can use software utilities like slysoft to mount the iso file as a drive on your computer to view the contents of the iso file. Windows 8 is providing native support for .iso files as well, so .iso files are going to be really easy to use as are .zip files currently. After this Windows 8 release, Microsoft will provide other releases of Windows 8 like Windows 8 Beta version and then finally Microsoft would launch Windows 8 in 2012 and will provide trial download of windows 8. Microsoft offered 90 days trial of Windows Vista and Windows 7 and both of the operating systems were really popular and successful, similarly Microsoft will provide free trial of Windows 8 for 90 days. The Trial Version of Windows 8 (This version of Windows 8 will be fully functional with all the features enabled but limited to be used at max for 90 days) will be there for anybody to download and try. In case you are wondering how to extend the trial of Windows 8, we do have already a post to cover that and provide you a step by step method to extend the trial of Windows 8. Yes there are some assumptions in saying that the trial version of Windows 8 will be extend able as the same method worked for Windows Vista and Windows 7, so there are good chances that Windows 8 will be the same.