Print Website to PDF Free

PDF documents are really easy to use and the free adobe reader allows to easily transport the printed document to email or any other storage device. Now you can print any document in a website to pdf for free. Google Chrome has a inbuilt pdf driver which can be used to print a webpage of a website to pdf. This can be really useful when you do not have a printer attached to your computer and you want to print the document on some other computer attached with printer.

This free printer driver of google chrome comes inbuilt into google chrome and you only need to download the browser, view the page in it, issue the print command and select the pdf option in the printer settings and you can save the printed document in pdf file format. In order to view or print the pdf file you would need free adobe reader and nothing else. When you issue a print command in google chrome, you would have the options to select landscape or portrait mode of printing , you can even specify whether to include date / time and url of webpage being printed.

With this free printer tool, you would not need to download any other software in order to print webpage(s). This printing option will not be available in other browsers such as internet explorer, safari, firefox, etc, as this is powered by google and is there in the browser itself. Google Chrome also allows to print the document in xps file format which is as good as a virtual printer file and can be used on Windows 8, Windows 7, etc to print the document(s) in the xps files. Pdf files are much more popular and now with this free option to print webpage(s) of website(s), you will get total flexibility to view the printed document or to print the document(s) onto physical paper really easily.