Windows 8 Task Manager

Windows 8 finally upgrades it’s task manager to provide a more user friendly task manager. With few registry hacks, the traditional Windows 7 type task manager can be enabled as well. This post will briefly provide what all information the new task manager provides and will provide a short video tutorial in .wmv file format, which can be played in your Video Player. Once you click on the video tutorial of Windows 8 Task Manager, your default video player will open up and will start the tutorial featuring Windows 8’s new Task Manager.

In this video tutorial the Task Manager is launched from the Start Menu by right clicking on it and from the popup menu by selecting the Task Manager. This is the same way in which Task Manager can be launched in Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. The different thing about this Task Manager in Windows 8 is that it provides lots of information apart from information about processes, services, etc. The first tab of this new Task Manager is labelled as Processes and displays processes in two groups i.e. Applications and Background processes. This tab also displays information about CPU Usage, memory Usage, Disk and Network usage by every process listed. The Status section will display the current status of Metro Style application as the Metro Style applications do not close as traditional applications close. The second tab is termed as Performance and displays overall performance of the computer in a graphical format displaying CPU, Memory, Disk(s) and Ethernet usage statistics. You can even launch Resource Monitor from this tab.  Other tabs display information about start up applications, services, application history and information about Users. This new Task Manager in Windows 8 can be really useful and tell you what a selected application is using what type of resources on your computer