Windows 7’s Comprehensive Calculator

Windows 7 provides a comprehensive calculator and this post provides a video tutorial exploring few of the features of Calculator in Windows 7. In order to launch or open up the calculator you would need to locate it first and then launch it. In order to locate calculator, click on the start menu button of windows 7 and type in calculator. As you start typing the search results will get filtered and will show you the Calculator in Programs section. Alternatively you can launch it using the command cmd from command prompt, or you can even create desktop shortcut to launch windows calculator.

Windows 8 will also provide such comprehensive calculator as Windows 7 provides. Watch a quick tutorial about calculator various features featuring switching calculator in Standard mode, Scientific Mode, Programmer Mode or even in Statistics mode. These modes change size of the calculator window automatically and provide additional options. There is another group of menu items which can further expand the calculator to the right and provide you Unit Conversion, Date Conversion, and various worksheets such as Mortgage calculator, Vehicle Lease helper & Fuel Economy helpers. The video tutorial presented in this post will open up in your default media player and will display various features of the windows calculator.