Files Deleted in Windows ?

In case your files got deleted automatically by a virus or you deleted files manually accidentally, this post can be useful. In case you would like to recover or undelete your deleted files, you would need a file recovery software. No idea about File Recovery Software Applications that work on Windows 8 , but for other windows versions such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc, yes there is plenty of hope. First of all as you come to know that your files have been deleted from an external or internal hard disk, stop using it. If possible unplug it totally and do not panic.

There are free and trial file recovery software utilities that can recover or undelete your deleted files. In case your files have been deleted automatically by a virus or some other software application, make a note of it. Next time make sure that your antivirus software is upto date and if possible consider upgrading your operating system. Windows XP was sort of easy for hackers or virus to attack and delete files on your computer, Vista did some improvements in terms of security and Windows 7 is way ahead and the newer the operating system, lesser the chances that a virus can do any harm to your computer.

In order to recover your deleted files, you would need to find an appropriate software by searching the internet for File Recovery Software or File UnDelete. You would find many software applications that are free and many are paid. If possible get another computer and test the software application found whether it recovers your deleted files and how much time it takes. With increasing hard disk sizes, various file recovery software applications take huge time to find out what files have been deleted and many file recovery software applications recover deleted files in no time. In order to recover your deleted files, be patient, do not panic, search for file recovery or file undelete software, possibly test the software using a separate hard disk and only then use the selected file recovery software on your actual hard disk whose data you wish to recover. Alternatively you can search for File Recovery Software Reviews with your favourite search engine and probably save time in selection of the appropriate hard disk or external disk recovery software.