Zip / UnZip Files in Windows 7 / Windows 8

Windows 7 and Windows 8 natively supports .zip file formats. This effectively you would not need a third party software to zip / unzip files in zip format. Windows 8 supports .iso file format as well apart from supporting .zip file format.

In order to create a .zip file in windows 7 or 8, right click on empty area on desktop and select New ZIP Archive. Once you have created a ZIP Archive (.zip file), name it appropriately, double click on it to open it in explorer. Once you have opened the .zip file in windows explorer, you can paste files into it, as you would do in a folder.

In order to view the contents of a .zip file, you need to follow the same procedure, i.e. double click on the .zip file and view or modify the contents of the zip file as you would do changes to a folder. You can also right click on a .zip file and select the Extract All option to UnZip the file contents onto a selectable location.