Mouse Clicks in Windows

Windows Operating System and applications installed on Windows can be operated using Keyboard or Mouse. The Mouse has typically two or three buttons named as Left Mouse Button , Right Mouse Button and Middle Mouse Button. The Middle mouse button may have a scroller to scroll pages vertically. The Left Mouse button when pressed and released on time is typically called as Left Click, similarly right click can be performed by pressing and releasing right mouse button and releasing it one time.

Apart from Single Clicks, many applications and Windows work using Double Click method. A Double Click is performed by doing two left clicks really fast. Yes the configuration changes to click mouse can be controlled using control panel. The Mouse Applet of control panel also allows to control the speed of the mouse cursor in accordance with actual physical movement of the mouse.

Windows also allows to change mouse cursor and even display trails wherever mouse cursor moves. Left click is normally used to select an icon, file or something else. However Right click is normally used to display a menu popularly known as Context Menu. The Context Menu is displayed using Right Click and can be really useful. When working on Windows, Left Click Right Click and Double Clicks makes mouse really useful.