How to Take a Screenshot in Windows

In order to take a screenshot, look at your keyboard, locate the Prt Scr button or Print Screen Button. This will copy snapshot of your computer screen to the clipboard. In order to view the contents, you would need an image editor software like PaintBrush or mspaint.exe. Open the PaintBrush using start – > run – > mspaint and press enter. You can also launch the paintbrush from Accessories menu or Start Menu.

In order to take a screenshot of the window with focus only, press Alt + PrintScreen button, which will copy an image of  the window with focus to clipboard. View the image using mspaint or some other image editor software utility. Just open mspaint and press Ctrl + V and the screenshot of the window will be visible in the image editor software utility.

In case you are using multiple monitor windows computer, screenshot of all the active monitors will be visible in the mspaint when you press ctrl+V. There are third party software utilities which can be used to capture screenshot of your desktop or whatever is displayed onto your computer monitor. Copy – Paste is the shortcut to capture screenshot of your computer monitor. Copy is done using PrintScreen button and Paste has to be done in an image editor to view of save the copied contents.