Mac Keyboard & Mouse Automation Software

Mouse & Keyboard together play an important role in using an Operating System. Whether you use Mac or Windows or any other operating system, mouse & keyboard together help you to control your Mac, Desktop or Laptop Computer. Every operating system provides combination of keyboard shortcuts and even configurable keyboard shortcuts that can help you to automate repetitive tasks. Whether you are playing a game or using some data entry software or struggling with popups, a little bit of automation can really be useful.

Lots of Mac Keyboard & Mouse Automation software downloads are available at With the automation utilities listed on the website mentioned in the last sentence, you can automate simple and complex repetitive tasks. Yes there is no programming knowledge required to do the required automation. Each automation software presents itself in a presentable and controllable screen with options to control the software. As with any other Mac application, a standard Menu bar is available for each of the software, however the main screen of the software presents almost all the required controls to interact with the application and automate your mouse and keyboard action.

The applications listed on the above said website range from simple mouse clicking application controllable using middle mouse click or keyboard shortcut. Another mouse automation utility allows you to create a script of mouse actions without programming knowledge, another utility offers to automate keyboard keys with shortcut controlled options. The Mac applications offered on the website are available on a shareware or free to try basis and can be downloaded on Mac Lion, Mac Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and other Mac versions from 10.4 onwards like 10.5, 10.6, etc.