Auto Clicker for Mac

Download Auto Clicker for Mac which is a Mouse Automation Software Utility for Mac 10.4 onwards users running Mac with Intel Architecture. The Automatic Clicker has configurable delay within clicks and allows number of clicks to be automatically performed at current mouse location. The Software is presented in a zip file which contains a package file for the Auto Clicker Setup. Really easy to use Setup of Auto Clicker allows you to choose the installation directory, requires less hard disk space and allows you to select custom folder location on your mac to install the Auto Clicker Application Utility.

The Auto Clicker for Mac allows to automate Left and Right Clicks. The Software is totally free to download and try out. The Mac Auto Clicker has two buttons labelled Start and Stop to start and stop the automatic mouse clicking at existing mouse cursor location. Before starting the automatic mouse clicking, you would need to configure the delay between consecutive clicks and number of click you want to be automated at one time. Once you have specified the application control parameters in numbers, you can go ahead and click on the Start button to start the automatic mouse clicking. In case you have specified number of clicks to be automated as 0, then the automatic click will not stop untill you manually press the Stop button.

As of version 1.0 of the Mac Auto Clicker, there is no Shortcut Key support inbuilt into the Auto Clicker for Mac software utility. The Shortcut Key support will be there in upcoming version of the software utility to allow you to control start and stop of the automatic mouse clicks. In case you would like to see any other relative feature in the Mac Auto Clicker, you can write about it to and there are good chances that the suggested feature will be implemented as soon as possible. This Auto Clicker for Mac can give your fingers a rest, speed up your mouse clicking and can really save you time. Download the Auto Clicker on your Mac running Intel Architecture and try it out for free.