Free Antivirus Software for Windows 8

Windows 8 is now even more secure and comes with inbuilt malware protection. An Antivirus software is traditional software that is supposed to protect the Microsoft Windows Operating System and this post talks about a Free Antivirus for Windows 8 which you can download right now. Yes this free antivirus is provided by Avast and is one of the most popular software to protect against malware and virus infections and more. Whether you have downloaded a free trial version of Windows 8 or any full version of Windows 8 like Professional, Enterprise Edition in 32 bit or 64 bit mode, the free antivirus software by avast is ready for you to download and install and make your computer running Windows 8 really secure.

Antivirus scans every application file to check for virus infections and hence offers protection from viruses. Yes Virus creators are going to get a really hard time in developing malware and virus infections for Windows 8 and as a Windows 8 user, you can enjoy your computer and be relaxed about protecting your operating system. Microsoft is also providing SmartScreen filter for applications as for Internet Explorer latest version. Yes this smartscreen filter in Windows 8 can give false alerts as well and there will be some way to disable it as well. Antivirus software applications do the same thing of protecting the computer but smartly. Avast runs suspicious applications in sandbox to protect your operating system.

In case you would like to save your computer of extra memory and cpu cycles and are worried only about software downloads or other malware applications due to internet browsing, you can use Hosts File blocking method. Blocking websites with hosts file works without downloading any setup applications or running process in background. Yes this method works on all browsers and even on applications, however depending on your usage of your Windows 8 operating system this method of blocking unwanted parasites can be sufficient or you may have to get a full antivirus. Avast is really good, it gives you free trial without any registration and the free version works equally good with Windows 8.