Buy Windows 8

Wanna buy Windows 8 now ? You can get a pre trial version for free from Microsoft now to have a sneak preview of what’s coming up in Windows 8. As of this writing Microsoft is not selling Windows 8 as it seems that they are still working out on Windows 8. Yes an Operating System launch is really a big thing and it is not only desktop computers that Microsoft has to worry about. There are lots of electronic devices on which Windows Operating System runs such as Mobiles, Notebooks and many more. You will have to wait for a couple of months to buy your copy of Windows 8. When Microsoft Starts selling Windows 8, you will have the option to buy it from Microsoft Website, or buy Windows 8 from a reseller or other online portals.

In case you do not want to wait to get your hands on Windows 8 and you do have a spare hard disk, download Windows 8 for free now (both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are available for free download of Windows 8) and install it on your computer. In case you do have a really sophisticated computer with lots of memory and good processor, you can even run Windows 8 using VMWare on your existing computer without worrying about looking for a spare computer, hard disk, etc. Installing Windows 8 on your existing computer on another partition may not be a good idea for now as you do have other options available.You can have a look at Windows 8 Screenshots which display few features of this new operating system as well.

In case you want to decide whether or not to buy or purchase your copy of Windows 8, this post will further provide feature details about Windows 8 which can help you decide whether to buy Windows 8 or keep your existing operating system running on your desktop or laptop. First of all in case you do use Multiple Monitors connected to your Windows Computer for trading purpose, graphics designing or anything that requires your attention on multiple monitors, you must buy Windows 8 as there is a new feature coming up which will really help you and is termed as Multi Monitor Taskbar. The Taskbar on Windows 8 will be configurable and will be visible on all the monitors connected in extended mode and will be really useful. In case you intend to use single monitor with your Windows 8 computer, read on to find out what other features are coming up that can prompt you to buy Windows 8.

Does your Windows Computer crashes too often and you are forced to follow complex data retrieval and operating system installation procedures ? In case yes there is a new computer repair feature in Windows 8 that can lure you to buy your copy of Windows 8. Inbuilt Computer Repair in Windows 8 allows to reinstall Operating System with or without loosing data on your computer. Yes Windows 8 is coming up with more protection and there might be less virus or malware issues in Windows 8, but still in case you find yourself repairing and reinstalling operating system too often, you might consider buying Windows 8 seriously as this new computer repair feature can really save you time and efforts. In terms of security improvements, Windows 8 is coming up with option to sign on to the computer using a picture password, options to protect your digital identity, option to sign on to a Windows 8 computer using Windows LIVE ID and many more. Apart from security features Windows 8 also offers improved booting up time, USB 3.0 devices support, supports large hard disks, offers a brand new Task Manager and much more.

Yes there are many other features still in Windows 8 which can be good reasons to buy Windows 8 such as improved Windows Explorer, Support of .iso & .vhd files, new start menu, Windows App Store to download and buy applications, Metro Style Applications which are like applications currently on Mobile Phones and much more is still being revealed by Microsoft about Windows 8. This new operating system targets almost every sector of the consumer market and provides new features, improved security, improved speed, better graphical user interface and ofcourse when Windows 8 hits the market, the hardware vendors will be shipping out new desktop and laptop computers with Windows 8. In case you do think that spending on new Windows 8 will be worth spending, do start saving or keep some money reserved for Windows 8 and buy it as soon as Microsoft starts selling.