Free Reminder Software Utility for Windows

This post presents a free software utility which can be used on any version of windows. This Free Reminder software utility is really simple and easy to use. This Software creates a small rectangular spot on screen. This Red Spot can be used to remember of any important thing or work to do. The Red Spot created by the software can be moved to any part of screen location using simple drag and drop. The next time you start the Red Spot Software utility , it will start the at last location automatically.

Freeware to Create a Red Spot on Windows Screen

Always on Top Red Spot

Download this free Red Spot Software Utility on your windows computer and use it as you like. Once the Software is installed, it can be launched from programs menu or desktop shortcut. When the software is running, it creates a red spot which can be moved to any screen location and can be closed by pressing the Esc button on keyboard when the software has focus. In order to close the Red Spot, click on it and then press the Esc button on keyboard. Alternatively you can even close it by right clicking on the taskbar icon and selecting the exit button.