Windows 8 Shortcuts

Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts which can be really helpful when using Windows 8 are described in this post. Whether you are using Windows 8 on a Desktop, Laptop or a Tablet, these shortcuts can be really handy to save efforts and time. With new Windows 8 style applications in this new Microsoft Operating System, it might be easy to get lost. Most of the shortcuts talked about here are traditional shortcuts or in other words, they do exists in one or another way in Microsoft older operating systems such as Windows 7, Vista, etc. Without further explanation about these shortcuts, be ready with your Windows 8 computer, keyboard and mouse to explore the world of  easy to use shortcuts.

  • Use Alt + F4 to close any Windows 8 style application. Yes this keyboard shortcuts works for desktop applications and this keyboard shortcut works for Windows 8 apps as well.
  • Windows Key on keyboard can be used as a keyboard shortcut to switch between Windows 8 apps. In case you do have Desktop opened and no Windows 8 app launched, then the Windows Key Keyboard shortcut will toggle your computer from desktop to Windows 8 Start Screen, however in case you do have one or more Windows 8 Apps launched or running, then this Windows Key Keyboard Shortcut on Windows 8 will just toggle between Windows 8 apps and will ignore cycling through the Desktop.
  • F3 and Windows Key + F can be used to open up Search functionality of the respective application. You can use these Finder Keyboard Shortcut Keys for finding virtually anything on your windows 8 computer. Whether you are actively working on Windows 8 Start menu or Desktop or in Windows Explorer, these keyboard shortcuts can be really handy.
  • Esc key is another nifty keyboard shortcut that can be used to cancel a Windows 8 App command. While working on Desktop, press the Windows Key to open up Windows 8 Start Menu and then press the Esc Keyboard shortcut to return back to the Desktop.
  • Right Mouse Click at the Top Left Corner or Primary Monitor will allow you to view all currently running Windows 8 Apps and Desktop.
  • Arrow keys, Enter and Tab Keys can be also really handy when navigating between listing of Windows 8 apps on the Windows 8 Start Menu. These Keyboard Shortcuts can be also useful in case your mouse gets struck or you just want to speed up your navigation and application control commands using keyboard on your Windows 8 Computer.
Windows 8 Apps are new applications which run on Windows 8 Computers and are different than Desktop Applications. Windows 8 Apps can be downloaded from Windows 8 Store and which in turn requires you to have the UAC enabled in a Windows 8 computer. Windows 8 Start Menu lists various Desktop Application shortcuts, Windows 8 Apps Shortcuts . Windows 8 is going to be a single platform for Desktop Computers, Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets. The new Windows 8 Apps provide users to download free and trial Windows 8 apps from Windows 8 Store.
The List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 8 presented above is a really small list and yes there will be lots of other keyboard shortcuts which have been designed already to help you achieve one or another task using keyboard or mouse shortcut. In case you feel that another Keyboard Shortcut Software might be of help on your Windows 8 computer with which you can define system wide global keyboard shortcuts to launch applications (with or without command line parameters) or open documents on Windows 8, then download the Keyboard Shortcut Software on your Windows 8 running on 32 bit or 64 bit architecture and get the most out of this brand new Microsoft Operating System known as Windows 8.