Windows 8 Metro Shortcuts

Metro Interface of Windows 8 presents shortcuts on metro screen in tiles format. Yes Shortcut Icons on the Metro Screen of Windows 8 can be dragged / removed , etc. One of the issues with Metro Screen of Windows 8 is that it gets filled up quickly. As and when you install few software applications on your Windows 8 computer, you will find that all your Metro Screen has been cluttered and you may find yourself searching for the application on your Metro Screen. Yes with a few software applications installed on your Windows 8 Computer, you would need to clean up your Metro User Interface or else struggle always to locate your applications or even searching for application or files or folder using Windows 8 new Metro Search facility.

Cleaning up the Metro Screen of Interface will be inevitable or else this new interface of Windows 8 is going to consume your time and efforts. This post presents a free way to clean up your windows 8 metro screen and remove unwanted shortcuts so that you can easily locate shortcuts created by programs and save yourself time and efforts.

There are two kinds of Shortcut Icons visible on the Metro screen. The First type of shortcuts are created by metro applications and other shortcut icons are created by desktop applications installed by you on your windows 8 computer. Yes on earlier versions of Windows, cleaning up the Programs Folder was not required as the Start Menu of earlier versions of Windows contained shortcuts in a folder structure and in Windows Vista, searching for appropriate application or program , it was comparatively easy.

In order to clean up your Metro Screen and remove unwanted Shortcut Icons you can either do it the Metro Style way or Desktop Way. In case you want to spend less time in this Metro Cleaning up process, all you need to do is open up Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where all the application shortcuts are stored (e.g. C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs ). Locate unwanted shortcuts and either move them to different folder or delete them. Once you are done cleaning up your Programs folder, your Windows 8 Metro Screen will automatically reflect the changes made and you will get a clean Metro Screen with only useful icons displaying in the Windows 8 Metro Screen.