Auto Ctrl Alt Shift Left and Right Mouse Click

Mouse and Keyboard Scripting is now easy to do with almost all the types of Mouse Clicks available to automate. Have a look at the given below figure with which you can automate almost any type of mouse clicks. The Software presented here can automate simple or complex keyboard typing as well. Example Mouse Click types are as listed below which can be added to a Mouse and Keyboard Automation Script. It is basically permutation and combination of mouse click types which can be automated along with modifier keyboard key combinations.

  • Left Click
  • Right Click
  • Ctrl + Left Click or Ctrl + Right Click
  • Alt  + Left Click or Alt + Right Click
  • Ctrl + Alt + Left Click or Ctrl + Alt + Right Click.
  • Shift + Left Click or Shift + Right Click
  • Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse Click, Alt + Shift + Left Mouse Click
Auto Mouse Click with Modifier Keyboard Keys like Ctrl + Click, etc

Auto Ctrl + Click, Shift + Right Click, etc

The Software Application displayed above is Auto Mouse Clicker which has tons of other Mouse Automation and Keyboard Automation. Small or Big Automation Script can be created by adding Mouse Clicks (With or Without Keyboard Modifier Keys), Automated Keyboard Typing, Website Opening, Application Launching, Window Control actions and much more.