Idle Windows Computer Controller

Every Windows Computer provides idle actions such as starting of screensaver, turning off monitor, automatic locking of computer, and other power saving options. These all idle computer control actions are distributed all over the control panel and there are good chances that you may not have appropriate access rights to change them or to forget about any of the computer control actions. Now Idle Controller gives a central location from which you can control almost all the windows computer idle actions. Have a look at the given below screenshot of this unique software utility which does not require any installation and is really straightforward to use. All you need to do is decide how you want your windows computer to behave when left idle or inactive and this software utility can take care of the rest.

Control Idle or Inactive Windows Computer Controller

Control Idle or Inactive Windows Computer Controller

Download this Idle Windows Computer Controller utility and try it for free on a Windows Computer running Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP , Windows 2000 or even on Windows Server 2008. There are separate mutually non-exclusive options to control windows idle actions. There are Software utilities like Auto Mouse Mover which allow to prevent a Windows computer from going into sleep mode or even prevent screensaver by keeping a computer active. This Idle Controller utility goes one step further and provides other useful options to control Monitor or Windows Computer power state.

When a Windows Computer is being used actively, all of the power saving and other computer control actions remain silent and whenever a windows computer is left inactive or idle, the power saving options of a windows computer kicks in and control the computer as configured in control panel. There are many ways in which this Windows utility can be helpful and you can utilize the full power of this simple and advanced power controlling utility of Windows. This utility does not requires installation and hence can be downloaded and run without admin rights. For certain computer control functions such as Shutdown, Restart, etc, you must have the appropriate rights on the computer or else this utility cannot initiate computer restart, shutdown , etc.

The Idle Controller utility to control Windows Computers is provided as a Stand Alone Application, does not requires installation, has been checked with more than 3 dozen antiviruses and has a single screen to configure. In order to add this application to start with Windows, you would need to enable the Auto Startup option from the software screen. The application can be minimized or can be run from System tray as an icon with content menu. In order to use this software to Turn Off the Monitors of an idle computer, display a black screen across all the monitors, start screensaver, etc you just need to enable the appropriate option and enter the number of seconds after which the selected option must be performed. This free trial download is available right now and works on 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows on current Microsoft Operating Systems and on the upcoming Windows 8 computer as well.