Copy Paste Software

A programmable copy paste software is presented in this post. Copy paste is one of the most useful functions in Windows and other Operating Systems. In Windows you can copy paste text, images, files or anything else that the target software supports. Windows Explorer supports copy paste of files, Notepad and any other text editor supports copy paste of text, images and other objects, Excel supports sophisticated Copy Paste functionality and the list of software applications that support copy paste is virtually endless.

In case you have to do lots of copy paste and you want that to be automated and may be increase speed of copy paste resulting in really fast copy paste functions, you can automate the whole job. Accuracy of copy paste depends totally on how you can break down the copy paste functions and how reliable are they. Copy paste can be broken down in parts as given below:

  • Focus the Source Application from which you want to copy file, folder, text, image or any other object.
  • Select the Source Text, Image or File to be copied.
  • Copy the Source traditionally using Ctrl+C command or using Menu commands provided by the appropriate software.
  • Move focus to the Target Application.
  • Paste the copied text, image , file , directory or any other Windows Object.
Now in case you do manually all the five steps outlined above to do the copy paste, the speed of the function will depend on how fast you can move your hands and issue the appropriate keyboard and mouse commands. On the other side, in case you can identify the steps and the process is required to be repeated lots of times, an appropriate automation software can be of real help.
How about a Keyboard / Mouse Automation software for Windows which can automate all the 5 steps outlined above and can be your handy copy paste software ? Auto Mouse Clicker by MurGee is one such Keyboard and Mouse Automation Software. Apart from doing automation for Keyboard & Mouse, it also supports other windows commands such as opening of applications, switching focus to appropriate windows and lots of other windows tasks. Mouse Automation is supported in terms of simulating Left or Right Clicks, support for Mouse Drag and Drop and all the mouse automation commands supported come in variety of control functions. Keyboard Automation is supported by automation of almost every kind of keyboard key on a keyboard like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X , etc. Yes this Copy Paste Software is totally free to download and give it a try and works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and other Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. There is lots more you can automate apart from repetitive or simple copy paste functions with this software utility. Video and Pictorial tutorials are built right into the software with basic and complex examples to simulate copy paste.