Auto Switcher

Auto Switcher referred here is a software download which can be used for various mouse and keyboard automation purposes. The Auto Switcher has variety of usages including in games and other programs which require repetitive actions. The switcher can be used to store keyboard & mouse actions in a script or macro. Once a script or macro is created and saved, it can be run again and the stored keyboard & mouse actions are replayed with the script / macro. As like lots of other software applications, the auto switcher applications presented here are offered on a try before buy basis. Most of the Auto Switcher applications open up tutorial for that particular software when installed. Yes all of the auto switcher applications presented here are scanned with multiple antivirus with latest definitions and do not contain any type of keylogger or anything else that would harm your windows computer.

The Auto Switchers are packaged in a setup application which does requires administrative privilege to install an application on a computer. This admin privilege is required to create folder, create desktop shortcut (optional), shortcut in programs menu and optionally adding the installed auto switcher to startup with windows. Yes any of the auto switcher can be uninstalled from the control panel using programs and features or add / remove programs control panel option. Whether you are planning to upgrade to Windows 8 or intend to keep on using Windows 7, Vista or even XP computer, all of the auto switcher software utilities present here will work just fine.

One of the simplest Auto Switcher is Auto Mouse Click by which can be used to automate mouse click. This Auto Switcher is really easy to use and can be used to repeat mouse clicks. In order to use it in games or in any other software, you would need to download it, install it, launch it, add few mouse clicks by specifying co-ordinates to the script, save the script, configure a keyboard shortcut to launch the script and that’s it. This Auto Switcher can only automate mouse clicks and does not offers keyboard automation.

Another sophisticated Auto Switcher combining the power of automated mouse inputs to computer and keyboard inputs to computer is Auto Mouse Clicker by . Switching screens in applications or games can be better with keyboard as compared to mouse input. As all the switchers are just a way to replay recorded mouse clicks and keyboard inputs, you do need to take care that every time you use any of the Auto Switcher software utility, the initial screen must be the same. Using Auto Switcher can be real fun,  time saving  and can speed up your tasks, however care must be taken so that the switcher can do the assigned tasks correctly. Do spend few minutes learning your selected auto switcher, play around with some simple tasks and then finally use it where you want to actually use it.