Scan File with around 40 Latest Version of AntiVirus Softwares

Internet has everything, good files or files with virus or even with malware. Yes there are numerous free and shareware antivirus software applications. Microsoft has made Windows 8 more secure and viruses will have a tough time to infect your computer. In case you are using any version of Windows including Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista or even Windows 8, you can normally scan file(s) with one antivirus software. As viruses become more and more sophisticated, you cannot be 100% sure whether the file scanned is virus free or not.

Now there is a free software that can help you to scan any file(s) with around 40 AntiViruses. Imagine if a file has been scanned by more than 3 dozen antiviruses and all updated with latest virus definition, you canbe really sure whether the file scanned has a virus or not. The Free Virus Scanner lets you scan files easily and quickly.

Just download the free virus scanner, install it and run it. It will display an information message displaying how to use the free virus scanner. Yes you would need to have an email account and this free virus scanner will upload your selected file(s) to internet. Once the selected file(s) is / are sent by email, you will receive an email containing virus scan report. Download the free virus scanner and use it on your Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or any other windows version.