Repetitive Text Typer

Automated Text Typing in RuneScape or in any other Application can now be done easily. Yes whether you are using Windows, Macintosh or even a Linux based Computer, you can design your own Runescape Typer and auto type text you want. This post provides three different application, one for each Operating System including Windows, Mac and Linux variant like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc. The Software Utilities presented here are really configurable and provide a generic purpose of automating text typing. The word Automation is often used to describe repetitive tasks done by software utilities or bot. Although this post enumerates software applications for automated text typing, you can easily find applications to automate other types of activities on your computer.

Repetitive Text Typer for Windows

Windows is definitely one of the most popular operating systems. In order to play Runescape you can either play it using a java based web application or download Runescape on your windows computer and play it as and when you want. Either way you play Runescape or any other game which requires you to type in text message multiple times, you can take the help of a Windows Automation Software. The Auto Talker for Windows can be used as a simple, configurable and easy to use Runescape Typer. Runescape requires you to press the Enter Key on keyboard in order to type in text messages to be visible with your character in Runescape. The Auto Talker presented below is a configurable software which can automatically press Enter key on Keyboard before typing in the text message and even after typing in the message text.

Runescape Typer for Windows

Auto Talker for Windows

The Text Messages in this Auto Talker are automatically stored, so you do not need to worry about saving the messages into a file. In case the game or application you are using does not requires you to press the Enter Key before typing the text message, you can uncheck the checkbox and the Enter Key will be pressed only as and when configured. Have a look at the given below screenshot which displays a typical Text Message to be Automatically typed into the Game or Application Message list.

Runescape Auto Text Message

Runescape Auto Text Message

Note in the above Runescape Text Message Window that you can specify the Message Text along with other configurable parameters like time delay before typing the text message, whether to press the Enter Key on keyboard before or after typing in the text message. This Runescape typer for Windows utilizes the Windows .NET Framework which is present by default in Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1) and even on Windows 8. In order to use this Runescape Text Typer on other Windows, you would need .NET Framework and you can give your fingers a rest on almost all Windows Operating Systems like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2000, etc.

Repetitive Text Typer for Mac

Runescape can be played on Macintosh on either web based java application or using by downloading a Macintosh application from Runescape website. Software Application to Auto Type text messages in Runescape is also available for download. This Automatic Text Typer allows you to automatically type text messages in the message list of Runescape with few configurable options as displayed in the screenshot below.

Runescape Typer for Macintosh

Repetitive Text Typer for Macintosh

The above Repetitive Text offers all the features as you would expect from an automated text typer software. The Runescape Typer presented here for Mac does not needs java in order to run and hence you can use it on your Mac version 10.5, 10.6. 10.7. and even on 10.8. The above screenshot displays the default settings of a text message configured in the Runescape typer and works with a configurable keyboard shortcut, configurable delay and configurable order of text messages to be auto typed onto the Runescape Message list. Visit to download other software bots to help you score good in game or any other application which needs repetitive input from you including text typing, mouse clicking, etc.

Repetitive Text Typer for Linux

Jagex Game Studio does not as of date provides a downloadable application for Linux, but you can play Runescape in any browser with the help of java installed. Runescape plays as an applet in any browser on Linux based Operating System like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc. The Application presented here can be used as a Runescape Typer to automatically type text onto the active window and even do mouse clicking. Yes the Linux Automation Application presented here can be a really powerful Runescape Typer and Mouse Clicker depending on how you configure it. The given below screenshot displays how you can Auto Type Text to appear in Runescape Message Window with your character.

Runescape Typer for Linux

Runescape Typer for Linux

In order to use the application presented above as Runescape Typer on any supported Linux Computer, you need to specify the text message in lower case and configure the text automation with keyboard shortcuts using the Edit Menu of the Software. As evident from the above screenshot, you can even automate the Mouse Clicking of various types and score best in Runescape or in any other Game.