Runescape Auto Typer MurGee

Runescape Typer on a Windows Computer can be handy when you want to automate long sentence typing in a scripted fashion. This post talks how you can build a Runescape Typer using MurGee Auto Mouse Clicker Software Utility for Windows. You can even watch a Video Tutorial about how you can use a small free to try out keyboard automation utility and make your own custom auto typer which can do the typing by following a script. The MurGee Runescape Auto Typer built using MurGee Auto Mouse Clicker can be really simple and yet sophisticated with little efforts.

This Automatic Runescape Typer can be used in any other game or application as well. The Video Tutorial in the above paragraph uses Notepad to display how automatic scripted typing can be programmed. The Runescape Auto Typer is just one example of how you can use the Automation Utility. Wherever you need to auto type long sentences, you can let the software do the automatic typing and save yourself time and efforts.  You can configure single or multiple messages (text strings) to be typed automatically with a single keyboard shortcut. In case you would like to store text to be read from a text file, all you need to do is specify the file name containing messages to be automatically typed onto runescape or any other game and the MurGee Auto Mouse Clicker will read the text automatically and type the text sentences onto Runescape , World of Warcraft or any other game in which repetitive text typing is required.