Secure you GMail Account

This post describes how you can secure your gmail account so that you will only be able to access your email account & no one else will be able to hack into your account. GMail security is basically controlled with username & password. Now if you do access your gmail account from a cyber cafe or from some other shared computer, you may not be sure whether you username & password have been hacked or not. In order to secure your google account’s gmail or even free google apps account, you can enable 2 step verification for free and secure your emails.

The 2 step verification works by requiring you to enter your username, password and another security code. This security code can be delivered to your mobile phone as an sms, through a voice call on your mobile or telephone number or even predefined security codes that can be used on a one time basis. This 2 step verification is normally used by banks and another financial institutions to protect your account. Various organisation provide a physical device which generates a security code and provide additional security measue apart from username and password.

GMail account can be secured as well for free using 2 step verification. In order to activate this extra layer of security to your gmail account or even to your google hosted email accounts, you would need to enable the 2 step verification from your account settings. As this method uses your mobile or telephone device, this will work on whether you are using Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac or even Linux, etc.